My wife Lynne-Ann, daughter Lenora and I have lived in the San Juan’s since Sheriff Cumming hired me as Lead Detective eight years ago. I feel I am the best candidate for the job not only because of my experience but also because of my commitment to our community. You might recognize me from previous years handouts for the Safety Fairs on San Juan Island, yeah, I'm the guy helping the kids with the fire hose. I am co-coordinator with Fire Wise an organization that helps residents and neighborhoods assess their fire risks and then helps those same neighborhoods clear out debris and ladder fuel to make homes and the environment safer. I am the guy you may have passed on Beaverton Valley Road picking up trash along a two mile stretch with my family. You will see from my bio that I am a board member with Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Services and Chair of the SJC Veteran's Advisory Board and that I am involved in my home owners association. My commitment to community lead me to run for the office of Sheriff and I ask for your support.

I would like to congratulate Rob Nou and welcome him as our Sheriff elect.

Thank you to all of my supporters who showed their confidence in me and believed in the message I put forth. I want you to know that I will never forget your support as it was very meaningful to be.

I believe that both Rob Nou and I proved that you can run for office in a positive way. I have told Rob that I will be helping him in any way that I can when he comes into office and I believe we can do great things for our island community.

Again, I would like to thank you for a great experience during this campaign.

Brent Johnson
Supports Brent Johnson for San Juan County Sheriff
Oct. 19, 2010, 2:34 PM (as printed in

Ballots have been mailed and I strongly recommend voting for Brent Johnson.

Like you, in weighing the candidates, I try hard to make the best judgment.

Marketing slogans, advertising, position papers, well-honed stump speeches and carefully crafted press releases can only tell us so much and, many times, steer us from the real issues.

I look for sincerity, community commitment and experience in both academic training and the real world workplace. Brent Johnson demonstrates that he has honed his training working with prosecuting attorneys to investigate cases and prepare them for Grand Juries, supervising in a large-city police department for 21 years, serving as lead detective for San Juan County for the past eight years, handling budget and supervisory responsibilities for a 17-member sector of deputies and amassing important experience in dealing with drug abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence issues.

Brent is a “what you see is what you get” man, both personally and professionally. I know him as a caring father and as a sensitive, insightful detective who I watched handle delicate issues with minors with grace and sensitivity but also with strict attention to his duties.

He is a modest man who demonstrates commitment to family and the community every day. He is a strong advocate for women’s rights and neighborhood watch programs. He is a dedicated professional who has clear ideas on how to improve our community’s drug and substance abuse problems, particularly with our island teen and preteen students. He has been forthright about the problems facing the Sheriff’s department and has shown that when he doesn’t have all the answers, he is not afraid to admit it and welcomes dialogue from various avenues of support.

Please join me in voting for Brent Johnson for Sheriff.

Jerry Riley
Hannah Heights

As Posted on Lopez Rocks

Please Consider Brent Johnson For Sheriff
Oct. 25, 2010
Posted by Denise McIntosh

The SJC Democratic Party's post card is a powerful tool, and unquestionably holds more sway than the newspapers, etc. When recently asked by my 26 year old daughter which initiatives to vote for in CA, I told her to go to the S.F.Democratic Party's website. Since Bob Myhr and Brent Johnson were grossly mistreated by our local Democratic Party, I would like to point out some of Brent Johnson’s attributes, which I’ve borrowed. Personally, I know him to be a kind, humble, intelligent and motivated man.

Brent Johnson has both academic training and real world experience working in a large-city police force for 21 years, 13 years in supervisory positions, handling budget and supervisory responsibilities for a 17-member sector of officers, experience in dealing with drug abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence issues. Brent also has experience working in smaller departments, from the University of Washington’s Police Department and San Juan County’s Sheriff’s Office so he can combine the best of both worlds. Brent has been our County’s lead detective for 8 years and he has worked cases on all islands. He is a strong advocate for women’s rights, domestic violence issues, and drug abuse prevention. Brent has proven community commitment with the various volunteer organizations he is actively involved with from Chair of the Veteran’s Advisory Board, a volunteer fire fighter and a Board member of Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Services.

Best regards,

Denise McIntosh
NEW LETTER OF SUPPORT.  Read the letter in the Read What People Are Saying About Brent section.
Ms. Griffith, reporter for the Islands Sounder, wrote an article covering the League Of Women Voters of the San Juans election forum at the Orcas Senior Center recently which showed vast improvement over her coverage of the forum held by the Sounder.  We thank Ms. Griffith for her detailed article.
The Sounder and the Islands Weekly have not given equal coverage on Brent's campaign.  On October 7, 2010 a letter was sent to the publisher, Ms. Elyse Van den Bosch,  expressing Brent's concerns.

Please take time to read the letter sent to Ms. Van den Bosch and  her reply .  We are hopeful that we can move forward with a relationship of trust and respect as Ms. Van den Bosch states in her response.